Ponder dating sideline reporter

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” It’s certainly not rocket science, but I think it’s a lot harder than it looks.

Halfway through the show, Christian was like, “Oh, my God, there’s somebody talking in my ear while I’m trying to talk.” That’s the way it works. BS: How do you get along with wives and girlfriends of Christian’s teammates? SP: A lot of these girls have different things they’re really good at it. I do all the Thursday night games, and I do “College Game Day.” I’m kind of on call.

It’s freezing.” He said, “You should go look.” I said, “No, I’m good.” He’s like, “Seriously, you should go look.” I was arguing with him. ” We went to the mall and found ugly sweaters and went to the Ugly Sweater Party. How did you feel when fans started blaming you, and your relationship with him, when he was struggling last season?

BS: And that’s when you went to Wisconsin to be married in a civil ceremony?I knew what I was looking for, and I certainly knew what I wasn’t looking for. BS: Would you describe your courtship as whirlwind? At the same time, when it’s about your family, you feel different. I thought that would have been the greatest job ever. BS: What is the best story in college football right now?I could tell pretty much immediately who wasn’t the one. I’m like, “Why is this old Florida State quarterback messaging me? I don’t have exact dates when we started talking on Twitter. SP: It didn’t feel like that to me, but my life was like that. He does a really good job of not letting people’s opinions upset who he is. If you’re a dentist, when you get home, do you want to sit around and talk about teeth? This is so far beyond what my dreams were for myself. SP: The best story is, college football is about to start.BS: How long into dating him did you know Christian was the one? I was confident in the kind of man he was and is and knew what I was looking for. I think that’s one of the hardest things about what this transition has been for me. But when it all of a sudden was about my husband, that felt different. That does not make hearing just hateful things about your spouse any easier. November 2012: ESPN personality Samantha Steele on the sidelines during Big East conference football action between the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Louisville Cardinals in Piscataway, New Jersey. There were little things like that pointing to maybe this is a different kind of guy.SP: I don’t like him to know this because I try not to compliment him, really, ever. Look, you get to the point where you’ve dated enough and you know yourself well enough. I think over time you kind of grow more and more numb to it. BS: You’ve been a studio co-host and sideline reporter for ESPN. SP: I wanted to be the local reporter for the Phoenix Suns.

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