Plex movie posters not updating

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If Plex is always up to date then you, the manager of the media server empire, won’t be pestered with questions about whether a favorite show is up to date.There are several ways you can automate library updates, and you’ll find all of them in a single menu within the settings of your Plex Media Server.Besides the media itself, the most important element of a media server software is how up to date it is–you can’t watch videos if the server doesn’t know they’re there.Plex Media Server offers three ways to keep your media collection up to date so you always know what’s available.Click on the Settings tool icon in the upper right corner of the Plex web interface.

If you’re away on a business trip, for example, trying to catch up on your favorite shows, but Plex Media Server hasn’t updated to include the latest episodes, you’re out of luck.

You can specify the update frequency in increments as low as every 15 minutes all the way up to once a day.

Finally there’s a small consideration regarding library cleanup.

Within the library, click on the circular arrow icon in the upper right corner. Manual updating is great if you need to force the update right that second, but for ease of use and really frictionless user experience, you really want to enable automatic updating.

This will trigger a manual update for that library, and Plex Media Server will rescan the directories assigned to that library. Not only is automatic updating supremely convenient for you, but it’s practically a necessity if you have other people in your house.

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