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The huge stone heads don’t look expectantly out to sea, they stare toward their villages; playing an unknown role in the Rapa Nui culture of ancestral respect/worship.

Ever since I read “Kon Tiki” in the 60’s I’ve been intrigued to visit this island and to stare back at these stone figures, these Moai (vowels as in, “tow-high”). The ones the island wars hadn’t tumbled, the tsunamis did.

I mean, look at the principal sights Yvonne and I chose to see on this trip: the pyramids of Giza, Westminster Abbey, the Taj Mahal, the Ming tombs, the great wall, New Zealand and Easter Island.

Except for the great wall and New Zealand, they are all monumental burial sites.

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So, we’re not useless sky-watchers but neither are we overcome by the quotidian, the mundane routines which obfuscate our noble nature and eternal design.

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See also the What is the directory structure for the texts?

I want to live scanning the horizon for Jesus’ return, for that parting of the clouds, for that bugle call.

It’s not only that I want to die that way, I want to live that way.

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