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Paula Jai Parker (born August 19, 1969) is an American actress and comedian.She is best known of her roles in the films Hustle & Flow, Friday, Idlewild, Why Do Fools Fall in Love, Phone Booth, She Hate Me, The Genius Club, and as the voice of matriarch Trudy Proud on the Disney Channel animated sitcom The Proud Family.

A handful of close friends, due to turn 30, discover that their dreams for the future are running headfirst into the realities of adulthood in this character-driven comedy-drama.

and it’s talented leading ladies is now hitting the promo trail to get the word out, the full cast just hit up ‘The Real’ and packed the stage with star power as they chopped it up with Tamar and crew…

Do you need the motivation to excel at what you do or a mentor to keep you going? Remember Trudy Proud in the Disney’s channel animated comedy series, ‘The proud family’?

Natalie is a banker who is happy with her job, but is tired of being single, and her pursuit of a husband is taking her down several blind alleys in the world of dating.

Joy has developed a similar desire to settle down and get married, but while she has a long-term boyfriend, Leland, he is not so sure he wants to make a lifetime commitment.

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