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The update is About Firefox from the menu that opens.Users who prefer to download new versions instead can do so on the Mozilla website after the release as well. As per these instructions: Display an Update Badge in Firefox - g Hacks Tech News Okay I mis-understood. I guess i could try to test it, by installing an outdated version of an addon, and then test to see if firefox updates it automatically with this setting. In about:config, search for app.update.silent and set the preference to true. I just checked, and it was set to false, so i have set it to true, but im not sure how to verify if it actually works?and check that extensions.Update Default is set to True It seems like a lot of settings to enale, just to make sure that your addons are updating automatically. I have also tried setting automatic updates to on instead of default.Im going to give it some time and get back with the results. As per these instructions: Display an Update Badge in Firefox - g Hacks Tech News Its not a big problem, i misunderstand things some times as well.

Check that extensions.update.enabled is set to True in about:config.

Validate Stack Integrity (Stack Pivot), Validate API Invocation (Caller Check), Simulate Execution (Sim Exec), and Import Address Filtering (IAF) caused the white page issue in Firefox while Export Address Filtering (EAF) crashed the browser instead.

The number of users affected by the issue is unclear but it appears to be large enough to warrant a bug fix release.

The preliminary release notes list one issue as fixed in Firefox 58.0.1.

Bug 1433065, Firefox 58 is not loading any pages (including about: pages), is the main tracking bug for the issue.

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