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As I have said before, discrimination is alive and well in the Philippines and all mall clerks are required to be attractive and under 30.So while that may appear to make malls a target rich environment, avoid them like the plaque. And while they might be very happy to go out with you on their next day off, since that doesn’t come until after your two-week sex tour is over, the sweet and pretty mall girl just isn’t for you. Avoid girls from the provinces: Just as with the mall girls, this recommendation is more about logistics than anything else.But I think in this instance the connotation was that many men, whether we admit it or not, would sometimes like to be the boss in their relationship.I’m not going to rail on feminism but as far as I can tell the last American guy who was “the boss” was Tony Danza.For me, I thought the modern, new age, we’re all equal, is what I wanted; that is until I first went to the Philippines. I have mentioned a couple of times that Janet was promoted at her job and I am very proud of her.I found that I liked women who wanted to look good to attract men. I liked the family dynamic and the slightly conservative culture, which was inconsistent with my political or social views. The other day at work one of her superiors walked by her with a quick order for her to instruct her employees to improve their attitude towards customers “or else”. Janet was infuriated by his condescending and threatening tone toward her.

It’s actually a very nice site (see pic above), but if you are on a short schedule and looking for action, this is the kind of girl to avoid. Apparently some readers do not understand the concept of “tongue in cheek.” Even my lovely Janet knew right away that I was being “sarcastic Dave” with this piece.

But there is no question that one of the reasons I started this blog was because I knew that as a faux writer it would be one thing that I would enjoy doing in my Philippines old age. I describe the style as sort of like David Sedaris, but dirtier and a little bit less – well, gay.

I also have a book of humorous and slightly dirty autobiographical stories that I definitely want to publish.

Needless to say, my tongue is placed firmly in my cheek. Of course, Janet did have a good friend in school who managed to work, graduate, and sleep with everyone in pants.

Janet was never sure where she found the time to do it all.

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