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However, she is best recognized for her TV roles, particularly her role as Col.

Virginia Lake in the science fiction TV series, Benedict Cumberbatch is not a gay man as evidenced in his past relationships with women (he once dated actress and screenwriter Olivia Poulet) as well as his current marriage to a woman.

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In addition to his striking blue eyes and jawline, another striking physical feature of the British actor is his height.The English actor is married to Sophia Hunter who was his longtime friend prior to tying the knot on Valentine’s day of 2015.As Sophie also has a career in show business, it gives little to wonder how they were able to stay friends for 17 years before marrying each other.They re-ignite their romantic relationship during this period.Charles is now in his early 30s and his family and the British media begins calling him out to find a suitable bride.

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