Okcupid dating persona explanation

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OKCupid encourages all of its users to answers as many questions as possible in order to get more accurate match results with people of similar traits, values, and characteristics.

Because of their experiences with creating both Spark and The Spark.com, the precursor to OKC, the four founders of OKCupid helped create the vibrant and popular online dating website that it is today especially the algorithm and dating persona test that has led to many new relationships and even marriages.

These four men were also known for launching Spark which is a popular website designed to help middle school and high school students with school subjects such as English literature, science, and mathematics.

Chris Coyne, one of the founders of OKCupid also launched a site known as The Spark.com, which created the origins of the OKCupid matching system.

OKCupid will allow you to make your answers to certain questions public or private depending upon your own preferences.

You can also type in an explanation about the reasoning you used to answer a particular question the way you did.

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