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Bribes aren't actually bribes: consider yourself the new barracks paymaster.Any small-scale offenses you commit in town will likely be overlooked.Being seen in Leyawiin's barracks, unfortunately, will count as trespassing. Entering the one within the city (near the Dockside gate) is trespassing, but the barracks inside the castle is open to the public.Review (and taunt) any prisoners languishing in the dungeon.The official Cyber Monday event takes place this year on Monday, November 27, 2017, but many retailers are kicking off Cyber Week events as early as Saturday, 11/25 and they are lasting through the week!Create (and stick to) your gift list AND your budget.Double check other online retailers for similar products and use price comparison sites like Price Start early: Many Cyber Monday sales start Saturday (like Kohl’s and Amazon).

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For example, a Skingrad player can have some lingering suspicions about Raynil Dralas' "vampire" story about Gelebourne, and decide to follow up the case by pursuing Raynil Drelas to Bruma. Wondering just where the crafty criminal disappeared to, you hear rumors that a famous painter here has gone missing...

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well, there are mods that allow you to have a relationship with specific NPCs, but i have seen only one that works on all NPCs (can't recall the name, will have to look for it again)my suggestion, search the TESNexus, maybe search Romance, and this should show you most of the modshere is a list of mods with a built-in romance story: The Romancing of Eyja Viconia De Vir - The Underdark Saga The Heart of the Dead Ariana Trudeaux Blade Song Saphirias Romance And The Djinnis Chamber EV 1_5_6Saerileth - Asian Companionand finally found the dating mod that i rememberedit's Goranga dating systemnot really sure what this does, or how it works (and how well it works), but i thought it's worth mentioning Edited by Wasteland Assassin, 30 December 2010 - PM.

Em, it's out there, to varying degrees from what I've seen.

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