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Bad combination for landing, but a great angle for a “sun-behind-the-camera” video.

Living Large In Palawan: How to Get There GMA News.

For the sake of clarity I will add that the seaplane pilots stayed fully dressed!

Another fun video production was for an Asian company called Chatime Philippines who’s Managing Director, Michael Koa, hired actor/dancer/celebrity Gabriel Valenciano to develop an upbeat and lighthearted commercial. I was invited to the pre-production “concept meeting” and advised on how we were going to be able to capture the seaplane shots.

Drew Arellano Drew Arellano the “Biyahe ni” Travel Guy on the GMA News Network seemed rather tame.

He came to the airport and quietly went about the job of shooting the pre-takeoff scenes before our departure to Palawan.

This link shows the seaplane taxiing in just after the glassy water landing. We left Drew and his crew here and departed for another island to pick up guests.

Several weeks later the full TV show was aired on the local GMA News channel.

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For starters, I was contracted by a production chief to do a flying scene at a small island north-east of Palawan island in the Philippines.

Only after arrival I was told that I was also going to be flying a cast member for a popular US reality TV show called Dating Naked to a remote island.

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