Non religious dating

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", there may be a conflict in presenting the dissenting belief systems to the child.

I'm pretty sure the church either overtly or covertly encourages this and has things organized such that the religion is using sex as a recruitment tool in this way.

Sounds very Mormon, the church "brain washes" these girls to find a return missionary at merry them.

Well, to push this along they at the 18 year olds boys(just out of highschool age) and send them off for two years and will not allow them to talk much with there familes, they do 100% church from the time they get up to the time they go to bed with one "personal day a week"(for a few hours at that) the church also takes these kids VERY far away from there familes and put them in locations far away around a bunch of new girls they are 16ish years old.

These girls are told these are the guys you want to merry if you want to get married in the temple. They take these young guys away from there homes and teach them everything at a "camp" they have to go to for about 6 weeks and then put them at the spot. Also, only men can hold priesthood, and they are the center of the family and they make all the choices and women are taught to obey them, because they have the priesthood and know whats best for your family and can only ones that can get certain blessing from "god" are men. She would NOT have sex because "that's a sin," but she had no qualms about anal. I didn't care, I just liked putting it in her butt. She said early on that she wouldn't continue dating me unless I started going to church with her and her family.

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