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He currently refers to his viewer base as the "Bruh Army," a dig at Pew Die Pie's Bro Army.

Most of his descriptions would even contain an ASCII Drawing of the Brofist, something Pew Die Pie originally had in his descriptions during the early days of his career.

Although nowadays, he has completely scrapped that format and has replaced it with real-life footage of himself in his bedroom.

An early exception of this is when his fans convinced him to put "Connect 4" gameplay in the background.

He can also be seen with other You Tubers including most of the commentary genre such as Jameskii, Squizzy, Vargskelethor, Memeulous, Trollzous, Dolan Dark and Colossal Is Crazy.

Niall has made several positive effects on other You Tubers such as Lt Corbis when he promoted her channel, as well as Bionic PIG when he promoted his music.

Keem didn't like the suggestion and went to Twitter calling Niall out as well as leaking private pictures of him.

On April 9, 2016, Niall made a video titled, "KEEMSTAR RANT", in which he suggested that Keem should have verbally added a disclaimer on the Toby Turner rape controversy, as they were just allegations.

Niall's emblematic trait is his ginger-brown (now bleached blonde) hair - as of June 2019 almost white colored hair, which many have joked around saying he looks as if he were "a cute little lesbian".

Niall's commentary videos started off mostly having gameplay of first-person shooters in the background, notably CS: GO or Overwatch.

As of 2018, Niall's content is a mix of trending topics, gaming videos, and commentary.

He has also begun interacting with others more frequently in skits, the largest being a Reddit video looking at Despacito memes.

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