Nhl players dating actresses dating translation scams

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The more important aspect of his life is that he’s dating Latin pop sensation Shakira. is currently playing in France with Paris Saint-Germain and is the face of the Brazilian national team.

It’s easy to be mesmerized at pictures of the young lady, but to really see how hot she is, just go on You Tube and check out any number of her hit music videos. It’s unfortunate she hasn’t come to the realization that she’s actually meant to be with a certain prince charming blogger type who works at Sports Break, but it’s totally not wrong for a guy to dream. Shakira on the other hand is one of the hottest Latin ladies on the planet. 7 For those who are not big soccer fans, or particularly Brazilian soccer fans, it’s tough to understand why we never know the first names of these guys, no matter how well they do. He’s also doing well enough off the field to ensure that we know the first and last name of his on-again-off-again girlfriend Bruna Marquezine, mostly for the purposes of looking up her pictures and wishing we were Neymar Jr.

If her sons don’t become famous basketball or football players, the world just wouldn’t make any sense.

Then again, we’ll still be more interested in mom no matter how famous kids turn out to be. Although it’s not necessarily for the classiest publication in the world (a Hooters calendar), no one can deny that pretty much all of the young ladies who take part in those Hooters pageants are pretty darn good lookin’. She’s also petite, which works out well if you’re a below average sized NFL player like Wes Welker. Welker loves every minute of his life with this lil’ number.

He sent Iggy the hashtag #Hot Crush Wednesday and Azalea replied.

Deciding who the hottest WAGs in the sports world are is like choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Some of us prefer vanilla while others would rather go with sweet, sweet chocolate…but both are good choices and both feed your sweet tooth.

5 There’s no doubt about the fact that Mike Fisher is a pretty decent hockey player.

That said, this is one of those rare cases where the WAG is definitely more famous than the athlete.

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