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Although there are no formal studies (that I could find) about the effectiveness of a neg, many in the Pick Up Artist community have honed these versions of pickup lines so well, they can predict how many women will respond positively The term neg originates with a Pick Up Artist who goes by the name Mystery (real name: Erik von Markovik).Mystery coined the term around 2004 or 2005 through his company, The Mystery Method, which teaches Average Frustrated Chumps (AFCs) how to transform into master seducers.

Women like men who are more distinctive, feel comfortable about who they are and at the end, more self-confident.

As many men approaching attractive women start off with a compliment, this distinguishes the man who negs from the crowd.

As well, if the neg works properly, the woman will try to prove her value to the man by engaging him, chasing him or other preening behaviors that show sexual or romantic interest.

Below is a short video clip from David De Angelo’s online dating DVD set.

I’ve used some of Neil’s stuff in the online dating world and I have mixed opinions on it. [MEDIA=70] Michael Stoute here, and at your service. My words are weapons of wisdom so watch out, you may learn something..better yet, maybe you can teach me something! Please try to leave it in the comments, it will get a faster response than an email.

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