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The first man pretends to be an angry father whose underage son was involved with sexting with an adult. We now know WHO is alleged to be responsible for MOST of these scams to extort money from men…They include a group of criminals who are already locked up and serving time in a South Carolina correctional facility!They want to get from registration to chatting as quick as possible.

However, since November 23 and through March 11, 2019, 58 additional men have contacted us to report that they had been recently victimized by this scam.The site's logo got scrapped and now it's simply the top nav bar and the members list and search area which makes sense.Everyone who enters the site is really after usability and speed.Between mid-February and mid-March, 2019, a week can go by and we don’t hear from any victims and then suddenly we hear from several.We wonder if the criminals already in jail, and who are most responsible for this scam, are having a harder time getting hold of smartphones.

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