Myspace impact on dating world

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“We model people’s real lives at their individual schools in a virtual space that enables them to exchange information about themselves.

We are not focused on meeting new people, dating or anything like that.

“These have become almost living systems, as the social network has begun to expand beyond a place for people with certain musical tastes and become popular for dating and all sorts of things.” While the My Space population has grown, the site’s roots remain in media, Gupta adds.

“Today, it continues to be used to identify individuals interested in, not just music, but television and radio as well.” Before News Corp.

Both companies are planning to extend their reach beyond the computer screen to cell phones.

“There is a fad or a fashion component to all these networks. The classic example, he suggests, is Friendster, which burst onto the Internet in 2003 and soon had 20 million visitors. Then, if another community shows up that has better functionality in some way, there can be a mass migration.” Wharton marketing professor Peter Fader agrees that social network sites are powerful, but mercurial, particularly since most are aimed at teenagers and young adults. Look how many of these have come along and how many were touted as the next big thing.

Late last year, it slipped below a million after My Space and other sites with better music and video capability lured Friendster users away. How many have disappeared completely or find themselves in some strange little unexplainable niche?

Cingular Wireless, Sprint Nextel and Verizon Wireless are starting a service that will allow users to post messages on Facebook’s home pages or search for other users’ phone numbers and email addresses from a cell phone.

My Space has a pact with Helio, a wireless joint venture between SK Telecom and Earthlink, that will allow users to send photos and update their blogs or profiles by cell phone.

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