Ms project updating progress

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In the screenshot below, all tasks have just been set in place: This project is finally ready for a baseline, but before it is set please observe in the image above that the each of the red lines in the Gantt chart section stands alone; also note that the columns for baseline values are blank.Then the baseline is set at the Project tab: Project tab Clear Baseline.

; = (function(){ return { "click Tale Configuration": , "Internal Content Config": , "Mwf Configuration": , "Rps Sign In Info": , "Site Content Config": { "Link Farm Enabled": true, "One Site Service Uri": " dialogue box opens; choose whether you’re clearing a baseline for the entire project or just specified tasks, and then select the baseline from the drop-down box.It’s a good protection for people who start off baseline-happy and then realize they just have too much information.

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