Mormons updating practices find advanced dating techniques

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For the movement started by Joseph Smith, see Latter Day Saint movement.

While provocateurs and bloggers make jokes about "magic Mormon undies," anti-Mormons try to cast the garment as something more sinister--a bizarre symbol of its wearers' fealty to a scary, secretive cult. It's true that Mormons are taught not to flaunt "garments" (as they're called) for public view, which can feed the impression that Romney's hiding some dark, cultish secret beneath his well-starched shirts and neatly-creased slacks.

But the principle behind Mormon garments would be familiar to any Baptist who's worn a "What Would Jesus Do" bracelet, or any Jew who's worn a yarmulke or tzitzit (woven threads Orthodox Jews wear on shawls under their shirts).

Tabernacle Choir rehearsals are open to the public every Thursday from to p.m. During the summer and in December rehearsals move to the Conference Center to accommodate larger crowds.

During 2019, the Choir rehearsals will move from the Tabernacle to the Conference Center from May 30 through September 8 and from November 14 through the end of December 2019.

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