Michael phelps who is he dating

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He has only recently publicized the root of his issues, which previously we had gotten glimpses of through his multiple substance-related legal issues.

Michael’s issues started when he was just nine years old.

Notably, he won broke the record for most gold medals won in a single Olympic game.

However, mentally, instead of being happy, Phelps focused on the dark side of it all.

Whitney even tried out for the Olympics before sustaining a career-ending injury.

Phelps started swimming lessons to follow in big sisters’ footsteps, despite being, “a little scared” to submerge his head underwater.

Just a couple of months after his amazing victory in Athens in summer 2004, Michael made a shameful mistake and got into legal trouble because of it.

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Very few know about the underlying demons that drove Phelps to become so focused on swimming.

The photo shows Michael with his mouth to a water pipe.

The news was met with outrage from many, and Michael publicly apologized, saying his actions were, “regrettable and demonstrated bad judgment.” The media frenzy was so overwhelming that Michael said he no longer could trust anyone, except for people in his close circle like his coach and his mom.

He found that his hyperactive personality meshed with swimming, as it drained his excess energy.

Although Michael was close with his older sisters, there was still a massive void left by the absence of his father.

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