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Unless the employee is covered by an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that says otherwise, an employer can typically mandate that employees take PTO even if they didn't request it.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, it is common practice for an employer to prohibit employees from taking time off during peak operating times, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or periods in which the employee's absence would create hardship for the employer.

Nine union participants in the billion Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System, Salem, have filed a petition with the Oregon Supreme Court seeking the overturning of recent legislation that increased some employee contributions. 9, alleges that the changes mandated by Senate Bill 1049 violate Oregon's state constitution by impairing the contract rights of PERS members. Kate Brown, redirects 2.5% of the salaries of Tier One and Tier Two employees whose monthly salary exceeds ,500 to a pension stability account that will be used to pay down the pension plan's unfunded liability instead of going into a defined contribution-type plan.

Employees earning less than ,500 a month will not have a portion of their salaries redirected to the pension stability account.

With 10 years of experience in employee benefits and payroll administration, Ferguson has written extensively on topics relating to employment and finance.

A research writer as well, she has been published in The Sage Encyclopedia and Mission Bell Media.

In the absence of contractual agreements that restrict work hours (such as collective bargaining agreements), employers may effectively force employees to work any number of mandatory overtime hours within reason.

Grace Ferguson has been writing professionally since 2009.The Fair Labor Standards Act does not regulate paid time off.Absent an employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that says otherwise, employees can be forced to use paid time off, even if they don't request it.The employer's policy governs the amount of PTO that can be used for FMLA purposes.A few states, such as California and Connecticut, require that employers provide paid sick leave.

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