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Following a successful first date, don’t expect a Dutch man to call you. Russian men approach dating with the brutal efficiency of a military campaign.

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There’s just too much of him for one woman, and it’s the duty of every Russian man to go forth and conquer.As the stated purpose of my blog is to inform, educate, and entertain, of course I had no choice but to honor the requests of my multicultural following.Having had no personal experience of dating either Dutch or Russian men, I reached out to some of my readers, and from the huge amount of information received, I’ve put together, what I believe are the five key differences between Dutch and Russian men.Please bear in mind, that naturally, I’ve had to generalise somewhat.So I’d like to ask the partners of Dutch and Russian men, not to send me messages saying the following:“Shallow man, my Vladimir is nothing like your description.”“My Jeroen is a gentlemen and a great tipper.”So without any further delay, here are the five differences between Dutch and Russian men. In order to understand the differences, first you have to get your Dutch or Russian prey on a first date.

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