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As head of military intelligence, Karake is accused of ordering massacres after the 1994 Rwandan genocide, and is said to have murdered the three Spanish aid workers. This was Chūsan Dormitory near the Hanaoka copper mine and river diversion project run by Kajima Corporation, one of Japan’s biggest construction and public works companies.

Nine hundred eighty-six Chinese civilians and prisoners of war from five north-Chinese provinces were brought to Hanaoka in three waves between August 1944 and June 1945 to join Korean conscripts, Allied POWs, and Japanese laborers moving ore cars into and out of the mine, repairing roads, cementing, excavating river beds, and tilling the rocky land.

Working conditions worsened for everyone as food supplies dwindled towards the end of the war.

But the Chinese workers were singled out for ever-increasing levels of physical and mental abuse, especially severe beatings.

Food rations and living conditions at Chūsan Dormitory deteriorated to sub-subsistence levels in the last year of war.

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