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Are you in a new relationship and wondering what sexy things to say?Are you trying to rekindle the spark with your long time guy and never have the time to see each other?Don’t worry, I have 10 sexy text messages to send your guy that will knock his socks off!Sexting is one of the most erotic things you can do with your phone.When you text this one to him, he’s going to respond with “where” or “why”, because once again men have no idea how to respond when you blow their mind.After he gives you his text reply, tell him all the ways you want him to touch you.

It’s one thing to have a daydream about your guy, it’s a completely different thing to have a wet dream about him.Your guy likes to know you think about sex as much as he does.The truth is, women actually think of sex way more than men, we just keep it to ourselves. If you want your man to imagine you naked, then this is one of those sexy text messages to send the guy that will make him immediately picture you nude.When he got up the stairs, the steps fell off behind him.When he got into her room he sealed the door up behind him.

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    Our singles events London will always be packed as London singles work long hours, singles are always in a rush to be somewhere, none stops to talk - hell no one even makes eye contact on the tube!