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If you succeed, the executor's personal assets may be available for seizure to help compensate the estate and its beneficiaries for their losses due to the executor's misdeeds.

Executors must manage the estate for the benefit of the named beneficiaries under the will.Since the opportunities for theft, self-dealing, mismanagement and neglect are many in the job of executor, state law often requires executors to post a bond at an early stage in the probate proceeding.A bond is a guarantee, generally provided by an insurance company, that there will be funds available to compensate the beneficiaries in the event the executor somehow fails in his duties.(6) To have authority to call upon the Utilities Commission of the State to fix such rates and service charges as will be necessary to accomplish the purpose, and the right to petition the Utilities Commission to require extension of lines by the power companies when, in its opinion, it is proper and feasible.(7) To have the power of eminent domain for the purpose of condemning rights-of-way for the erection of transmission and distribution lines, either in its own name, or in its own name on behalf of the electric membership corporations to be formed as provided by law.

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