Liam neeson dating

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Like you and I, they have personal lives and responsibilities.

So it’s time to see what this action star is all about when he’s off the screen.

Michael even opened up to the media about the strenuous journey of grief over his mother’s death.

For a 13 year old boy, it must not have been an easy feat.

held at the Capitol Cinema on Monday (July 15) in Madrid, Spain.

The 67-year-old actor was joined at the event by the film’s director Hans Petter Moland as they also attended a photo call earlier in the day at the Villamagna Hotel.

Also there’s something kind of appealing about Lady Mary potentially dating such a badass.

Michael obviously wants to pick up the family trade but his dad, Liam, is not so enthusiastic about it, he said, ‘ Please, can you just be a farmer or a bartender or something?

’He can disapprove but he obviously cannot stop him as the two have even starred in a commercial together, nevertheless he believes his mother would have been on board with his decision to pursue an acting career.

When that first got posted on the DL R10 people doubted it because it was so random.

Then the A-Team press tour started and Cooper and Neeson were ridiculously close and flirty throughout including Cooper even giving an interview where he referenced Neeson having a big dick.

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