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The UK will also now provide guidance on not just sexual orientation, but on gender identity including non-binary.However, the Home Office is refusing to carry out an independent inquiry into these cases.‘We demand an independent inquiry into the Rainbow Rush cases and will be happy to provide evidence to that inquiry.‘And we further ask that HM Government agrees to accept the recommendations of that inquiry.WATCH ABOVE: An Edmonton woman is asking the federal government to reconsider its decision to deport her based on the fact she is a lesbian and her home country of Uganda views homosexuality as illegal. Police were using tear gas Saturday to drive back remaining protesters.

“I’m sure everybody in the entire country knows I’m gay,” Keko said.Gay Star News sent an open letter regarding the Rainbow Rush scandal to the Home Secretary in June.Data shows the Home Office, in the past two years, have turned away thousands of genuine gay or bi asylum applications.Late last year, new Home Office statistics revealed the UK had rejected more gay and bi asylum claims than ever before.New Home Office statistics reveal the grant rate for people claiming asylum on the basis of sexual orientation has fallen from 39% in 2015 to 22% in 2017.

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