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When I get a moment, I'll try to summarize all this on the ticket.I pointed Joe, who reported the problem, at the ticket so he could see how we dealt with it.We do it, but have tended to move away from it, and now generally prefer to tag discreet songs in drama as floating texts.If the song is divided between speakers, floating Text is the only choice (now supplemented in some cases by -------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Schaffner | PFSchaffner at | 316-C Hatcher Library N, Univ.As Lou says, they are (given an expansive definition of 'head'), a kind of heading; or may be regarded as a kind of note; or a stage direction (which is, after all, just a kind of note); or in some cases even a byline -- the last in cases where the performer is regarded as consequential, and parallel to other responsible parties: PROLOGUE Written by Mr. of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 48109-1190 -------------------------------------------------------------------- From james.cummings at Tue Jun 5 2012 From: james.cummings at (James Cummings) Date: Tue, 0000 Subject: [tei-council] ) -- tei-council mailing list tei-council at lists.village. The page image, for those at ECCO-owning institutions, is on the Gale site at doc Type=ECCOArticles&doc Level=FASCIMILE&prod Id=ECCO&tab ID=T001&type=multipage&version=1.0&doc Id=CW3307931635&content Set=ECCOArticles&relevance Page Batch=CW107931610&source=gale I'd say: (1) this song is less speech-like than many, and could easily do without the -- a question that has arisen before.

In principle a list App would be useful (although it would only be *nice*, rather than fixing something that's actually broken), although app should of course continue to be available in because we also use them for inline apparatus features. Libertine takes up slightly more space (about one word every three or four lines, I think). Maybe: "From this release the PDF version of the guidelines use a different selection of fonts.

Phone 44 1865 283431 From PFSchaffner at Tue Jun 5 2012 From: PFSchaffner at (Paul F. EDU/mailman/listinfo/tei-council PLEASE NOTE: postings to this list are publicly archived From PFSchaffner at Tue Jun 5 2012 From: PFSchaffner at (Paul F.

Schaffner) Date: Tue, -0400 (EDT) Subject: [tei-council] FWIW, we have always been doubtful about the true character of such performance notes. Smith The particular example given by Sebastian I think I would be inclined simply to include within the first -------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Schaffner | PFSchaffner at | 316-C Hatcher Library N, Univ. Schaffner) Date: Tue, -0400 (EDT) Subject: [tei-council] James C FWIW, I've pasted in a somewhat fuller context below.

Sorry, I don't have the data to say which of these customizations triggers how many failed validations. revision=10451&view=markup for those who like that sort of thing.

I thought it would be worth pasting in below my whole current ODD, so you can see the relaxations to content models which I have had to put in. Some of these things will come out of ongoing work around divliminal, but most of what you see here are fairly mundanely allowing combinations you may well think are weird, but do seem to occur in the TCP wild.

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