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Jason Statham is a star of the Hollywood blockbusters, who is often called «the new Bruce Willis».The joint works with film director Guy Ritchie, who made him the protagonist of many of his films («Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels», «Snatch», «Revolver»), became a bridge to fame for the actor.Now his filmography is full of such characters as an assassin, super spy, police, bodyguards, and thieves.In 2005, the first episode of the action movie «Crank» was released, where Statham was reincarnated as hit man Chev Chelios, who must create an incredibly tense situation around himself in order not to die from the deadly poison that activates from the slow pulse.The fee of the actor crossed the symbolic mark of one million dollars, and the continuation of the epic (2005, 2008) has been of no less interest than the first episode.

The character of Ray Liotta, the casino owner Dorothy Macha, played the antagonist of Jack in the film.Jason was offered to sell the director the fake jewelry on casting, and he coped brilliantly.As soon as Richie tried to give the «jewels» back, Statham became steadfast as a rock.Although some critics have accused Guy Ritchie in imitation of Quentin Tarantino, yet the majority perceived the film with enthusiasm.It was a stunning debut for Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham, and two years later people saw the following premiere of their tandem result, «Snatch».

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