Is ashanti and nelly still dating

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If men invest the time, they are just trying to have their cake and eat it too for as looooooooog as possible. Why does SHE have to be ...stupid.dumb or whatever...maybe he does for her what SHE needs to have done for her what SHE needs. its because hes still messing with other women thats pretty obvious LMAO at the concern about their relationship status..been 10 years..get over it.

It's up to us to make them piss or get off the pot. Whatever the case they seem to be cool with it so..can't folks just ACCEPT that THEY ARE COOL with it and keep it movin'? He's still f'n mass chicks and having fun...takin vacays with his main chick (not Ashanti)...

Even if he was taking sniffs....would he really admit it?

And about his 10 year relationship with Ashanti that he still refuses to outright claim, he kept up the coyness.

People STAY projecting THEIR wants, requirements & whatnots on everyone else, wtf? People move to their own yours..mine...them live. he isn't going to settle down until he finds a chick he really loves, she demands respect & monogomy, and he WANTS to give her that.

shes pretty but shes dumb..jay and beyonce could get away with that secret relationship thing in the past because they are both bosses. That's why he's not with babymomma cuz she refused to deal with the bullshyt. I bet he'll put a ring on it after she saved his life.

That’s why after those lavish birthday parties he threw for her — Nelly closed the door on Ashanti for the last time.

Louis as recent as a few weeks ago, Nelly responded, Well isn't that romantic... He is now on a respirator and doctors are reportedly optimistic about his improvements.

Long story short — Nelly was no longer able to buy Ashanti’s story about Chink.

And if the stories about Chink were true, how many others were as well?

Ashanti is playing it off like Gloria Govan and making it seem like they are cool with the status quo and would rather have it that way.

If women invest the time, best believe we love you dirty draws.

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