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I am not saying that this is necessarily a bad thing.

As a woman, I want a man who is strong and able and willing to take care of himself, and me if need be.

And men love to be needed, so showing a man that you are financially stable on your own is intimidating.

What can he give you that you can’t get for yourself?

Relationships 50 or even 30 years ago were pretty much laid out like this: boy meets girl, boy and girl date for a substantial amount of time, boy asks girl’s parents for her hand, they get married, girl moves in with boy, takes care of the home, possibly works a modest job, submits to her husband; but the boy is the breadwinner, decision-maker, authoritarian, “man of the house.” They live like this happily ever after.

At least that’s how I grew up to see relationships.

How could being intelligent and independent be a bad thing?

Especially in a relationship, do guys want to marry ignorant, dependent women? But as I’ve gotten older, I have realized that men instinctively want to be superior in every aspect, and it terrifies them to think that a woman might be stronger, or smarter than them.

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She may forgive you the first time you mess up, but strong independent women rarely give second or third chances. This is very difficult in relationships because men hate to feel inferior, and they usually don’t like when a woman is smarter than them.And with the growing #girlpower trend, women are empowering each other, and multiple independent women empowering each other is definitely more intimidating than one.She doesn’t need you to make her feel good about herself, she has herself and her girlfriends to do that!An independent woman is a hardass, and she will tell you when you are being a dumbass.An independent woman will always let you know what she is and is NOT okay with, and she doesn’t mess around when it comes to relationships.

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