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The Crossroads Church had a program on discipling which became known as the Crossroads Movement.

It is out of this Crossroads connection that the present leader of the ICC, Kip Mc Keen, received his start.

The Boston Church grew by leaps and bounds due to its heavy discipling program.

Soon other churches were being planted in the United States and then in England.

Christians are saved by the grace of God, through their faith in Jesus Christ, at baptism.

(Ephesians , Romans , Acts , Matthew -20) They do not subscribe to the "sinners prayer" as a biblical method of conversion (James -26).

This discipling operation within the ICC has drawn much criticism for its intrusive practices and has been labeled as a form of brainwashing and psychological and emotional manipulation.

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According to the ICC, one cannot be a Christian if he is not a true disciple, and being a disciple must precede baptism.

But, it deviates from orthodoxy in both its requirement of baptism as a necessary element for salvation and its heavy requirement of discipleship.

According to the ICC, baptism must be done in their church with the person being baptized having an understanding that baptism saves.

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