How much age difference in dating

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On his turn, he feels happy to be seen with woman that much younger than him.

This fact impresses everyone around and it flatters the man.

It is a perfect age difference, when a man is 5 years older than a woman.

In this case both are on the same level of maturity and mentality; because a woman often gets mature life views earlier than a man.

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It’s wonderful how young love can seem to conquer all!Women 22-33 want to start family as soon as possible.The peak of the society's pressure on the woman to get married is at the age of 27; after that point her family and friends start thinking she will never get married and give up on her; she herself also starts getting used to the idea she will never have a family of her own.Besides, the older partner is not only sexually more experienced and ready for new challenges in this field but also can offer more in spiritual life!And older man can give his woman feeling of security and commitment.

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