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With longevity like that, the obvious question is how do they do it?

Curtis jokes that their secret is they just haven’t gotten divorced!

These long-term celebrity couples seem like a phenomenon and we’re often left wondering how they have survived, especially after so many years. Hanks has said many times that the key to their relationship is appreciation.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of their marital secrets to share with you. They tell each other and show each other with their actions, all the time that they appreciate each other.

Still, it's also not hard to find inspiring love stories in Hollywood.

Long-term relationships aren’t common in Hollywood. Aside from having your entire relationship on display to the world, there are many reasons Hollywood romances come to an end.

In order to stay with the person you love, you both need to be willing to face change head-on and come up with solutions together.They often plan elaborate and exciting things to do in the time they’ll be together. In an interview with People Magazine, Parker opened up about what it takes to stay married for so long, especially when you’re both in the spotlight.She said the most important thing was the ability to adapt to change and grow together.Add to that the actual logistics of two famous people carving out time for one another.Different shooting and touring schedules mean the opportunities to see and spend quality time with their partner are few and far between.

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