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This is the kind of thing that is going to look good on pretty much everyone, provided you buy the right items.It's not a matter of wearing any pair of jeans and any old t-shirt, and this is where Ryan goes into more detail on where you should shop and what you should be looking to buy.

The problem was often guys would wear a bunch of outlandish items without really having any idea of what they were trying to accomplish.

So if you think you'd benefit from having a guide that's more or less done for you and just tells you exactly what to wear, you'll appreciate this product.

You could go through it in a few hours, head out shopping on the weekend and pick up at least 80% of what you'd need for your new wardrobe. You'll always be able to add new pieces and update certain items, but the core pieces of your wardrobe will serve you in most situations.

Unless you already have an an above average grasp on this topic and regularly get compliments on how you look, you'll probably learn a lot from this.

The real strength of this course is its simplicity.

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