Guide safe internet dating

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“Be very leery about meeting in remote places like a hiking trail, boat, or a park.While romantic, there might be no one around if you need help,” she says.Yeah, it’s tempting to post humblebrag photos of your new car or apartment on Instagram, but you may not realize just how much about yourself those little things can reveal.“From your car’s license plate to other identifiable details such as street signs and house numbers, these photographs can reveal a lot of information,” says privacy expert and advocate Mark Weinstein.“For some people, a simple kiss on the cheek is enough to launch a delusion that you love them.

Try to verify what they are telling you about themselves.” There’s a lot you can learn from someone’s photos and a lot that can mislead you.

Think parks, restaurants, coffee shops, and pretty much any public place.

“Try to choose places you’re familiar with,” says O’Toole.

In the interest of being over-prepared (again, not hot, but when have you ever regretted it?

) when you’re dating a stranger, we grilled experts—from CIA and FBI agents to privacy pros—about what women can do to keep themselves safe while they’re dating. Does that Bumble prospect really need to know where you were raised and your mother’s maiden name? “A stalker or predator can attempt to find you through this information,” says Mary Ellen O’Toole, a former FBI criminal profiler and author of “Even things like where you were born can give someone enough information to Google you through a people-finder and locate you.” Avoid!

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