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For questions on implementing the new lease accounting standards, contact BSSF today!

Our ethical guidance describes the professional values, knowledge, skills and behaviours we expect of all doctors working in the UK.

Our guidance to help you when something goes wrong.

It covers how to be open and honest with patients and those close to them.

Current operating leases will maintain the same name, but will follow a much different accounting treatment, being reflected on the balance sheet as assets and liabilities under the new standard.

Finance leases will create a ROU asset that will be amortized, and the lease liability will result in interest expense; both of these treatments are consistent with today’s GAAP.

Under the existing standard, if any one of four conditions are met, the lease is considered a capital lease and placed on the balance sheet.This does not impact whether the lease becomes part of the balance sheet but does impact the treatment on the income statement.Capital Leases and Operating Leases Current capital leases will maintain the same accounting treatment, but are being renamed as finance leases.With a large number of leases and significant dollar amounts, starting this analysis now will be a good idea.A starting point is a list of all the entity’s leases, including terms of the leases, enabling determination of lease type.

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