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And Orr – a former fraternity president and one of the many Greek life members required to undergo UCLA’s updated Title IX training – also allegedly assaulted a fellow student.

These issues do not start and stop with current fraternity members. And the current lawsuit only shines a light on how complicit university administrators and members who run fraternities have been to the corrosive culture in Greek life.

The university has shown it is all too willing to embrace the IFC’s self-imposed, Band-Aid solutions – all because they promise quick fixes to complex and pervasive issues.

The result: a toxic system that brews a culture of sexual assault and harassment and perpetuates it by trying to cover it up. UCLA needs to take its students’ well-being seriously and do what it should have done long ago: ban Greek life houses that repeatedly violate Title IX policies. The IFC’s – and consequently UCLA’s – approach has, to date, focused on the supposedly material causes of the rape and harassment culture associated with Greek life.

The ensuing lawsuit is a stark indication of how UCLA and the IFC have failed woefully in tackling the systemic issues of sexual assault and sexual harassment within the Greek life system.

Earlier this year, the IFC imposed a ban on in-house activities with alcohol following a sexual assault allegedly committed by Benjamin Orr, the 2016-2017 president of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity.

The council lifted the ban a month later, after passing new rules requiring fraternity parties have third-party security guards and bartenders at every registered event, and are only held in approved areas of fraternity houses.

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