Go dutch dating deadhead dating

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What if someone told you that you're going to spend £1000 this year on total strangers. London has wonderful parks for picnics the most beautiful in my opinion being the campestral green that slopes majestically down to the boating lake in Regents Park.(I've got no surveys to back that figure up by the way but I can attest to splurging the equivalent of a king’s ransom on numerous dates over the years). First dates are coffees, maybe a pastry at the most. Yes, it's the bible for those on a budget in London. Ok taking her away to Rome for the weekend might get you some rewards, but who wants rewards that come from a place of reluctant obligatory.

I think it’d be unsafe to assume a guy has to always pay for a girl’s meal.

My husband is extremely mannerly and he has never let me pay for anything.

Bottom line is, if you’ve asked the woman out on a date, you should be the one offering to pay.

But if she really insists on going Dutch from the very first date, I think it’s perfectly fine.

There are many perks of going Dutch, such as more money left in my wallet and it probably implies that she is a strong/independent woman who can take care of herself (I admire this quality).

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