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The BBC’s adaptation of Vanity Fair may seem a little too sexy for some but all those bosoms and thighs are absolutely on target.

In terms of raw sexuality, the Georgians are more than a match for the sophisticated post-modern Nineties.

The formidable Duchess of Gordon, for example, knew exactly where her priorities lay.

Discovering that her daughter’s fiancé had changed his mind because of the hint of madness in the Gordon family, the Duchess protested, “But my Lord, there is not a drop of Gordon blood in her veins.” The noble Lord pulled out of the match anyway but only because he was happily ensconced in the arms of his mistress Lady Melbourne and saw no need to change.

The next time a politician harks back to the golden age of the family, he or she should think carefully about exactly which age that was.

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for, the complete guide to Georgian men...okay, not really.

This is just a couple of observations I've made over the past few weeks about the less fair sex.

By the 1830s, Britain was far more sober and serious.

It is a myth that lesbianism is a 20th-century invention and there are diaries to prove it.

The most famous of these is the secret diary of Anne Lister, an independently wealthy woman from Halifax, who kept a record of the women she seduced, nearly all of whom were married and neighbours.

Lord Palmerston found himself the only politician still wearing rouge in Parliament.

Those whose hearts belonged to the previous generation struggled to adapt to the new spirit of sexual propriety. They exerted a baleful influence on the modern understanding of sexuality. Their notorious habit of putting wives on pedestals and mistresses on the payroll, not to mention their obsession with prostitutes and flagellation, have caused the widespread misunderstanding that human beings discovered the joy of sex only with the help of Dr. This would indeed come as a surprise to the Georgians.

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