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She was my Mistress and it was drilled into me that I shouldn’t forget that or try to take advantage of the fact that I was her pet. Lucy and Jo had had the trial run of their business and it was a resounding success. At the moment it was just caning for caning's sake. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 4.82 | Words: 5,309 | Tags: ff spanking caning domestic | 8 Comments Zofeya can't resist having her bottom spanked Zofeya Caldwell just needed it.If I stepped slightly out of line, Madame would quickly and firmly put me back in my place. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 3,185 | Tags: mistress spanking anal beads oral mouth cage gay | 16 Comments Kathy has to submit to her well-deserved punishment Lisa had a smirk on her face as she replied, “Of course I will, Miss Jill.” With that, she went and sat down on the chair, pointed to her thighs, glared at Kathy, and ordered, “So get your very naughty bottom across my lap.” Lisa was going to take punishing Kathy very seriously, though, and was so aware that Kathy hadn’t yet admitted what she had done wrong earlier. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 4,398 | Tags: ff discipline spanking paddle caning arousal | 5 Comments Lucy, Jo and now Karen, decide to go full time. Karen was sure though, that they could do something different to add to their business. She had no idea why, but she just needed to have her bottom spanked once more.As she walked towards the living room she thought how it sounded more like the groaning sound she made as she masturbated. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 4.85 | Words: 4,120 | Tags: discipline spanking hairbrush younger_spanking_older arousal | 3 Comments Dale is again disciplined in front of the other residents Dale and Mary had been in the care home for a year now and felt relaxed and settled in.They were sitting in the small lounge at the care home, watching TV, and didn’t pay much attention when Governess Carson came in, accompanied by another young woman.Of course, Dale knew that was deliberately designed like that to enable the carers to smack their legs if they needed to. Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 7,592 | Tags: ff discipline young spanks older arousal.

“Thank you, Sir, I do hope that is true.” “So, let’s begin your next step in your...

Spanking stories involve characters who like to spank or be spanked.

They could be over the knee (otk) spanking stories, or people being spanked with a cane, paddle, flat of the hand, tied up against an X-shaped bondage device, or any other imaginative form of subtle 'punishment'.

| 2 Comments Would you swear on your sister to make and keep a truce?

Prologue 01: The Truce is Made Carlo Benito didn’t want to make the truce, but something had to be done to stop the killing.

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