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Prior to Fall 2014, these requirements were based on 3-credit courses.

For more information regarding the 3-credit courses versus 4-credit courses that are now given, please contact the TCS Department at [email protected]

Coming from the complementary perspectives of the humanities and social sciences, SEG courses provide students with a broad and multicultural perspective on how environmental issues and global exchange in this “flat world” are changing society, here and across the world.

For more information, please visit the Expository Writing Program.One of my cars does not have an ODB2 port (Tesla Model 3). The poor drivers and people running across the street is ridiculous!While taking about alternative mounts, software should allow for a setting that understands camera is mounted upside-down and rotates clips automatically. With OWL I feel perfectly safe that I can have definitive proof of what happened.Courses from this cluster are also electives for STS majors and are used to fulfill the 24 credits of "restricted" electives for the major.Courses in the SEG cluster address the way the critical areas of society, environment, and globalization are interlinked and how they affect the experience of modern life.

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