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Virtudazo added that the victims were made to believe by their parents or guardians that their sexual acts shown online were harmless as there was no physical content.

In looking at cybersex, we take stock of the Philippine ICT framework’s aim of building “a people-centered, inclusive, development-oriented Information Society” through the state promotion of Filipinos as “world-class” workers and citizens.

Propped up by the Aquino administration’s ICT framework also known as the “Philippine Digital Strategy” (PDS), the law promulgates that cybersex, among other cybercrimes, should be prevented to safeguard and promote the integrity of the country’s burgeoning ICT industry.

Within the purview of the ICT framework and the Cybercrime Law, cybersex serves as a threat to the state project of a “Philippine Information Society.” In this chapter, we re-examine the Philippine ICT framework and the Cybercrime Law and how these official discourses impinge on what may be considered as the underside of the Philippine Information Society.

This chapter looks at the cybersex phenomenon in the Philippines amidst government efforts to promote “ICT for development” (ICTD).

Embedded in the purported cybersex capital of the world, the cybersex phenomenon in the Philippines begs for a critical reflection on the implications of ICT-led national growth, especially for those at the margins of techno-social development.

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