Excel macros updating other files jennifer ellison dating

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Example: Data can only be retrieved from the last saved version of a file.If your colleague opens a file and changes some values, the link will not retrieve the updated value until the file is saved.Let’s suggest a HR department sends workbooks with salary information to each individual employee.If there are links to a file containing all the salaries, the cached salary information will be distributed to every employee! So, where is this cache of data which I keep referring to. If it were salary information we could see that Jack has a salary of ,000 and Sally a salary of ,000.

Though, Excel will ask for the password when updating the link to a protected file.

) Therefore, linking to any file which is not tightly controlled by you is dangerous.

When some Excel users discover the ability to link to other files, they go a bit loopy; linking everything in sight.

It is not long before they have a spiders web of links across multiple workbooks.

When a link updates it does not update any sub-links contained in the linked file.

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