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Dating is a free online resource that offers valuable content and comparison services to users.To keep this resource 100% free for users, we receive advertising compensation from the sites listed on this page.After all, God doesn’t ignore you when the NBA is on.For me, having an actual boyfriend has meant dismantling many of the constructs I lived with for years.I think that’s because they feel disowned and disenfranchised from the traditional religious institutions.From the start, when one of our early actions was the Pink Mass, a lot of LGBTQ people were looking for another community that didn’t see them as defined by their sexual orientation.In other words, to see ourselves as Jesus saw us: in Christian-ese, as “Daughters of the King.”But there’s a tiny hang-up in this idealized world of swashbuckling romantic ideals: Mr. After all, as our relationships with Jesus got deeper and deeper, our standards for future IRL relationships were getting more and more out of touch with reality.With each Bible study evening, our hopes and expectations were drummed up to new and feverish heights.

As I got older and even more wrapped up in the culture of evangelical Christianity, my romantic love for Jesus picked up steam.

You would find yourself alone, again, in your bedroom on a Friday night, and into your life walks this tall, dark, take-away-all-the-loneliness dude named Jesus. Looking back today, it occurs to me that I may have had my senses awakened to this purest of loves in the early 1990s by my mother, whom I once caught passionately singing along to Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply.” When I pressed her on why she, Mrs.

Christian Music, would stoop to secular pop, she explained, “If I pretend I’m singing it to Jesus, then I like it.” The words, as I’m sure I don’t have to remind you, are an epic love ballad sung by what my young mind pictured as Leonardo Di Caprio standing at the top of a mountain.

Yearning for a relationship and social fulfillment, but paralyzed by a tyranny of unattainable standards, she distracts herself with a pseudo-romance that she can share with her entire community.

I have watched as female friends slipped deeper into this spiritual vortex, attending a weekend conference that affirms and exalts their God-given feminine allure, only to return home to the same female roommates they’ve had since they were 23.

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