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These creative videos, which are formatted in a Stop-Go animation style were all made with real pasta and confectionery items from the various companies that are currently a part of AIDEPI.Each second of the video is estimated to have taken over 1 hour to complete and there were thousands of frames placed together to actualize the final product.After 80 years, the authentic “Holy Fire-Offering Homa Dharma” was performed again to eliminates disasters, staves off hardships, removes hindrances and increases good fortune.

In the last several decades, I have yet to see any great holy virtuous person, great dharma king, or great dharma master successfully practice a holy fire-offering dharma.

A flat-surface table and all the dharma instruments, including the fire cauldron, were wiped thoroughly clean from top to bottom by more than ten volunteers on site. Pieces of [wood and] sandalwood were put inside the cauldron.

The table was then moved closer to the door of the Grand Hall.

If a holy fire-offering is not successfully performed, it can only have the effect of a regular fire-offering.” What are the differences between a successful practice and an unsuccessful practice?

First, people claim that the regular fire-offering dharma from the Tibetan tradition and the fire-offerings from the lineage of Eastern esoteric Buddhism (woodpile grand dharma assemblies) are so extraordinary.

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