Enfp dating an entp

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Once I read that INFJ and ENTP are like two sides of the same coin, and I definitely support that...

in contrast ENFPs have always confused and saddened me in the end.. I think maybe ENFP females and INFJ males would work better than INFJ females ENFP males.

So I'm wondering about entp: supposedly they are not as morally consistent as the enfp, so how the infj deals with that? Only met a female entp, I think she was at first irritated by my (too) gentle behaviour but once we had a very long conversation that left me almost dizzy because I had forgotten about everything else. I know a lot about infjs and what are great matches, depending on your desires, your fulfillment would really be exemplified in intjs, followed by an ntp,, if you core desire is same values and functioning its enfjs, infjs and infjs never work as i know, all my infj friends say its weird dating themselves, intj is #1 pick I have been in two longterm relationships with ENFPs and it ended very, very badly.

In fact, I would classify those relationships as the worst, most destructive relationships I have ever been in.

we bring new perspective into each others lives and balance each others stubborn views on things (after many hours of debate and chuckles of course).

And they aren't quite as unpredictable in the bad sense.

Two NFs together can really hurt each other with their deep sensitivities.

It can be very difficult to maintain once someones feelings are too hurt :( The ENTP moral inconsistency i think is why they are such a good match for an INFJ...

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It's always exciting even when its not." And, it's totally true!Fe (extroverted feeling) is my third cognitive function, just like Fe is your second function. Pretend he's House MD.) I would say that most of the time we seem cold or callous, we either have no idea it's happening (we are stuck inside our own heads), or we think we are being funny (even though you think we're not).Basically, both of us are able to think to ourselves (internally), but talk about our feelings (externally), instead of using Fi (introverted feeling) which is the second function of the ENFP. I haven't met many of us who couldn't turn our attitudes around on a dime, like it had all been an act, with just a simple acknowledgement. You have that special gift of actually listening, which is what we crave most.Because (as types) we are both so responsive to the other's emotional states, it seems that we cannot pull out of a death spiral once it's begun, whether we meant it to have begun or not.However, I'm loathe to make blanket assessments based on 2 bad relationships. Definitely, definitely ENFP, I would go there with out a doubt, for an amazing bonding experience and someone who will likely understand you really well and the chance to develop a rare and special love.

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