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TRANSPARENCY ADAPTOR £5 89 DOCUMENT FEEDER " ' Automatic 50-sheel document feeder for the GT-6500 and GT-B000 scanners. .£399 Ab DO MEMORY CARD ■ 1MB RAM with bartery backed clock A600 1MB RAM .£39.95 PCS01 NEfl ORY CARD Our RAM board is designed especially for the A500 computer and comes with 1MB of RAM onboard to expond your memory to 2MB of chip RAM [fits in the trap-door).

PC 501 MEMORY CARD ,.,..£35.95 LSri B RAM BOARD Fully supports 1 MB of chip RAM and is fully compatible with Fatter Agnus [requires Kiekstart 1 .3 and above, not compatible with A500 . HHMMMi ..£85 iri B WITH THRU'PORT Expand your ASOO's memory up 1o a total of 2MB withoul disposing of your existing 512K upgrade (works with 1M& chip RAM r 5K RAM must be A chip type or not exceeding 9cm in length.

128MB OPTICAL INTERNAL ....£849 128MB OPTICAL EXTERNAL ...£999 128MB 3.5" OPTICAL DISK .£39.95 SCSI CONTROLLER A2000 ....,.£129 VIDEO BACKUP SYSTEM 1 External hard drive for the Amiga 500. 1MB X 8 SIMM £30 4MB X 8 SIMM £POA SIMM 32 X IMB-60 GVP ...£59 SIMM 32 X 4MB-60 GVP £ 1 79 SIMM 32 X 4 ,£159 SIMM 32 X 8 £369 256K X 4 DRAM £5 1MB X 1 ORAM £4.50 1 X4ZIP £14.95 1 X4DIP ....£19.95 PCMCIA 2MB £149 VI .3 KICKSTART ROM „.

£24 V2.04 KICKSTART ROM £32 FATTER AGNUS 8372 £30 BIG FAT AGNUS 8375 £40 MI'Kc S P* INI 5c ,*.-.**,*.* ,*,*?

console, as well as an exclusive peak at the machine's development.

Incredibly, it look josi sli monrhs to produce the machine Irarn scratch, and we've got the inside sicry on how it was done.

VI .3 ...£55 AMIGA 4 ojnjjm 30 ANIMATED ANTICS Professional animation is no longer the preserve of megabuck super comput- ers - these days the Amiga is lending a hand in everything from block- buster films to experimental art.

In another scoop, you II also find reviews ol the first two C032 games - 10 find oul haw we rated Ihem.

turn to page 24 ol this monlh's super special CD supplement Elsewhere in the mag, you'll lind our usual eclectic mix of news.

Ejr, Kempston Beds MK42 7PN Tf I 0234 8433 840234 Cheques payable to Power Computing Ltd.

Goods or* sold subject lo cur standard terms and conditions of sale and art available on request. We can supply SCSI or IDE 3.5" drives in many sizes. £ 1 79 1 &UMB I tl »4*l*i*i*»*H*l*l*l*M M Mi M iti jfl T 200MB £349 5*5" IDE INTERNAL HD Miniature hard drives For (he A6O0/A120O these drives come complete v/irh tx cable and installation software, 60MB INTERNAL HD £179 BOMB INTERNAL HD. ...£1 29 Ovrrlll itifi«iiii*i*ifitiiiiii*itiiiin*i*LJ/V 1 60MB ...................£349 200MB £419 AUTO ROM SHARER 1 o COW oo One or the most advanced Rom sharers, ROM SHARE £19.95 ROM SHARE INC.

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