Diamond rapper dating 100 dating haitian

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Most of these rappers who rose to fame via Soundcloud tend to be the human equivalent of a Xanax (which they rap about rather frequently).

Their music is often called emorap, because their songs are about being depressed, dying, taking downers, and going to morose parties.

When they do, he angrily slams a steak and plastic cup of macaroni and cheese into the microwave, then sits next to his producer to half-heartedly pick at it. To help him forget about the almost-misplaced weed, they play music at an ear-splitting volume — mostly his own songs at first, with lyrics like “Walk around with my side bitch on a leash” — until his mood finally lifts.

It probably seems easy to treat Pump like a clown, but he isn’t some small-time Soundcloud rapper anymore; he’s a bona fide part of the zeitgeist, an artist signed to a multimillion-dollar major label recording contract, who has captured the hearts and minds of disaffected teenagers everywhere.

He shows me a video of him and Reid in bed together, where she’s naked but mostly obscured by Pump’s foot, which is adorned with a few of his diamond rings, and has a joint wedged between his toes.

She takes a few hits, and then sucks on his big toe. “I used to think that shit was gay, but then I was like, wait.”You likely know a Lil Pump song even if you can’t name it.

But Pump’s brand is drastically different: He might pop pills and chain-smoke blunts like everyone else, but his music is upbeat, poppy, repetitive, loud, and fun.

While Lil Uzi Vert sings lines like “all my friends are dead,” Pump is out there living his best life, as evidenced in his song “Drug Addicts,” where he raps, “I’m a drug addict, I’m richer than my professor (man, fuck school).” If you are an old person like me — I am a full decade older than Pump so he sort of treats me like a matronly aunt bothering him with questions about his grades — your first question about Pump is likely: Where is your mother? Hell yeah.” He also tells me his mom hates his tattoos: a green alien above one eyebrow, a UFO landing on his other eyebrow, a rocket ship shooting into his eye, a frowny face between his eyebrows, flaming skulls on his throat, and the latest addition of three Powerpuff Girls, gracing the side of his neck, among others. His management did, however, mention that his younger brother is currently in medical school working toward becoming a brain surgeon. “I’ve been kicked out of so many schools.” It’s a monumental life event he circles back to time and time again in his songs: The first song on Harverd Dropout is, would you believe it, called “Drop Out.” He takes great joy in the fact that he’s been able to accumulate so much wealth and so much stuff (including a mansion in Calabasas, California, and another in Miami Beach) despite not finishing high school.

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