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Staying hidden while in DRB territory will also aid Alexander's case.

If one goes to the Police Station, Alexander's office is on the third floor, code 3727.

If Pritchard could see Adam now, he would be yelling in the info-link, demanding an essay on the proper use of proverbial sayings; especially, one that focuses on two different meanings in one sentence. O'Malley orders Jensen to retrieve the murder weapon from an alley, then use it to kill a Motor City Banger named Double-T, then plant the weapon to incite a gang war between the Bangers and the Ballers. Three Bangers are in the living room - two watching the television, and one patrolling.The last bodyguard is with Double-T, in the bedroom.She is found in the Detroit streets, near the entrance to Derelict Row, undercover with a group of prostitutes.While not necessary to complete the quest, Jensen can also recover a weapon that was used in a previous hit ordered by O'Malley.

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