David archuleta dating miranda cosgrove

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however, David has a couple of friends he calls by nicknames and I do not know their real names, and he doesn't mention the names of everyone he knows or everyone he meets.

if you were a TRUE Archie fan you would know that him dating her is a RUMOR....meaning he's SINGLE THANK GOD!

David and Miranda HAVE worked together, nothing more.

Even stars have private lives, and if David Archuleta has decided to keep his private, then his… She is, however, rumored to be dating both Nick Jonas (what, another Niley mess?!

When Carly and Sam learn that the guys are entering a web contest for a cash prize, they volunteer to help create an awesome video.

Unfortunately, Fleck and Dave have a big blowout which results in Carly and Sam taking sides and putting their own friendship to the test.

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